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Humera Ali
A Science Teacher in a Mainstream School in the U.K

MCA, B.Sc (Physics), PGCE (QTS)
A Writer and Blogger

I think a short prelude is the most difficult thing to do in life. In fact, anything ‘in short’ is difficult for me. I have to express myself explicitly or I feel uncomfortable after a conversation or a piece of writing. I, being an introvert, have always expressed myself by writing more than anything else. Being an introvert never stopped me from expressing how I feel. I have my own opinion about life and always encourage others to have their own too.

Yes, we experience and feel life the same way as everyone else!

Life has never been easy for anyone in this world. What you see sometimes is just what can be seen on the surface. It is very convenient to come up with thoughts of self-doubt when you see other people achieving the things you always wanted. The reality could be harsh, maybe you never tried enough. Maybe you did not have a good mentor or a positive mindset. Maybe no one told you it was going to be this hard. Maybe this was not the right time for you or simply, quitting was the right thing to do. Whatever it was, losing hope and feeling like a failure is not what you must do! There is plenty of help available online to bring you back on track, start again and reclaim your dreams.

There is a plethora of help available online to bring you back on track, start again and reclaim your dreams.

We are a team of bloggers. Our website aims to provide help to people going through grimness of life. It could be something as simple as setting goals in life to more serious issues like Bipolar disorder. Although I do believe that social media dependency has become a mental health issue in itself, yet, using the internet to gauge information about the things people are going through in life, has proved helpful and life-saving for some. Due to social stigma, a lot of issues are still being brushed under the carpet, feelings are continually being suppressed and unfortunately, some people, struggling to take it, are lost forever.

The future of Get-SelfHelp

This is just the inception.
There is so much more in the pipeline.
We aim to bring live chat and professional advice from people of various professions and walks of life.
We are in negotiating terms with people who are experts in certain fields for them to contribute as guest bloggers.
We already have a Counsellor/psychologist who will contribute on Bipolar and more serious issues.



What are we looking for?

  • We welcome advice about adding any other topics that they feel are the ‘Need of the hour’.
  • We welcome guest bloggers who would like to contribute to our pool of articles.
  • We are looking for poets who could contribute inspirational poetry for our readers to get motivated and inspired.

We would absolutely love new budding writers to contribute to our topics and share their experiences.
If you are someone who would love to collaborate, drop us an email and we will get in touch.

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A Science Teacher in a Mainstream School in the U.K | MCA | B.Sc (Physics) | PGCE (QTS) |A Writer and Blogger

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