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She still vividly remembers her first trip to a water park when she was just 12. She was there at the top of a very high water slide, shouting down to her friends- ‘Here I come!’

The local Disney land was one of her popular places to be as a child. The scariest of rides were the ones that gave her ‘The Kick’. Her eyes would sparkle by the thought of a super fast drive full of adrenaline as she described. Today, she does not enjoy this thrill and loathes going to places like these. No, no, she has not grown old, No, she is not a depressed soul, yes, oh yes, and she does have a pleasant and content life. Oh yes, everything is just fine!

She has discovered herself. She has taken a slow and steady leap of learning herself. Her life is still as thrilling as it was then, the only thing that has changed is her ideas and how she feels about certain things. What she was in her juvenile years was when she had no idea who she was. Many of the choices she made in life then, presumably came by the anticipations of those, whose approval she coveted. Today, she has discovered her true self. This is how it feels like ‘Being you’.

This is how it feels like ‘Being you’.

Last year, one of my cherished friends phoned me one night, asking me to join her to this pamper session she has booked for herself. I politely declined and asked her to come around someday for a catch-up. She came home with an account of incidents and misunderstandings she is going through in her new marriage. She told me how unhappy and disappointed she was with her husband. I was in denial. This is the woman who the other women, including myself, envied. She perpetually looked happy to me. I forever found her wearing designer dresses and fancy handbags. She was invariably out and about socialising and shopping. I, with intent to help, tried to dig a little deeper and perceived that she finally needed help.

She has become what a lot of women seems like today. She is trying to find happiness in her married life by buying herself ‘things’ and treating herself to luxuries. Rather than taking communication as her weaponry, she has resorted to finding pleasure in material things. She says it helps her forget about the stress and worry for that moment. This was certainly not her. We discussed a few efforts she could confer to improve this relationship that is on the rim. We concluded with a few tears and hugs as she parted with a light heart but a heavy conscience.

To my surprise, she went through the process of self-discovery since then. Her relationship has elevated, although not absolute, yet, they are delighted to bring a new life into this world and buy a new place. She is loving her new life. Discovering yourself brings about new energies that get dominated by the corrupt choices you start making for yourself in ‘a’ moment of distress.

This is how it feels like ‘being you’.

They drove into a massive castle-type venue in the country. It almost looked like a wedding. There was a large buffet, bouncy castles on every corner and men dressed up as clowns to greet the kids. The birthday girl was all dressed up in a gorgeous pink dress which looked quite expensive and the milieu and excitement had no limits. Looked like such a perfect birthday it was almost unbelievable. The Parents of the birthday girl looked striking too. It took them over a month to plan the birthday party and they were just praying that it all goes well. Anybody could tell how stressed the parents looked.

The birthday girl was clingy as a bat during the evening, not having a clue why there are so many new faces. Every time a guest wished her, she would squawk at the deafening decibels possible. The family was having a nightmare of a time. They were just covertly hoping that it all ends soon.

Is this what the family wanted? If you find your child’s birthday more stressful than the decisions about their health or education, you are doing it all wrong.

This is how it feels like ‘being you’.

Knowing what you want, and discovering yourself in this process is an important step that everyone goes through at some stage in their lives. It really doesn’t mean that you are monotonous and you do not know how to experience or relish life.  It just means that you have your priorities sorted in your head. After all, this is what it feels like being ‘You’.

I’d love for all the stressed, social-status-obsessed parents out there to take a step back from these social norms rather than being swept away by them, discover themselves and remember the whole reason for the celebration in the first place: you’re the parent of a child. Your child is an infinite soul who needs to be nourished, developed and guided, as well as celebrated. The more I think about this, the stronger I believe that it really is society and not rational nature that calls for this big excitement every year. The love for the ‘Simple things in life’ is also as important as the other things.

It is then that we can conclusively say that we have discovered ourselves. This is how it feels like ‘being you’.

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