How to find your way out

Many of us are either stuck in a rut or are just too lazy to find our way around. And that’s where we are failing in our lives.

We need to go out more often and accept the beauty of the things around us because without appreciating what is available to us, we can never appreciate our own lives.

If there’s a way in, there’s definitely a way out. All we need to do is look for an opening in the steel walls we build around ourselves day in and day out.

To find the missing pieces and the core root to why we are where we are, we need to return to the time and place where it all began.

Sometimes we may almost forget details of what got us into certain situations, and looking back, we may find that our lives could’ve been different if we had done things a different way.

No matter how deep we are in a certain ‘addiction’ or way, remember you can get out of it if you just put your mind to it and believe that things would be brighter if you make a change.

These are few pointers on how to ‘Find A Way Out’:

● Close your eyes and relax.

● Take a deep breath in and let it out slowly.

● Listen and feel your heartbeat.

● Think of your life in its current state. Ask yourself is it good or is it bad?

● Think of your life a few months or a few weeks back. Was it the same? Or were there some kind of changes (minor or major)?

● Now, think of HOW your current situation had come to being…think of the situations and events that may have drawn you to where you are.

Nb: Now let’s get into detail…

☆☆☆When you close your eyes and relax, all your worries of the past, present and future should leave your mind and body. You should feel calm and collected.

☆☆☆When you take a deep breath in and let it out slowly, your blood flow and your nerves tend to sync, hence giving you a fresh feeling deep within yourself.

☆☆☆Listening to and feeling your heartbeat automatically makes your mind block out everything around you. It takes your entire concentration, which in turn helps you block your stressed and difficult situations.

☆☆☆Now, slowly think of where you are, your surroundings, how you’re feeling at that very moment. Make sure you know if you’re feeling good or bad…let it all flow into your mind like a peaceful wave hitting the shore. Understand why you’re feeling what you’re feeling.

☆☆☆From your current state of mind, go back days, weeks, months…Ask yourself if you were happy then, if you’re were filled with sadness and defeat, were you being positive or negative…and ponder the different feelings and emotions you went through.

☆☆☆ Finally, think of the day it all began. Was it just a general meeting that caused it to bud? Or was it a huge gathering that you were put on the spot in which had caused you in the direction of where you are today? Could it have been prevented if you didn’t react to the situation? You will find your answers right there… in front of you, you will notice the air leaves you feeling better and more confident than when you had started out this exercise. You have come to understand that there was a beginning after all, it had not just happened on its own.

The feeling is amazing… you have found yourself, and when this happens…you have found a way out.

So the rule is as simple as that… Just be yourself by going back to where it began. And automatically you will find the door that could/would eventually lead you out of whatever situation you are in.

*Do give feedback when you try it and when you do find yourself. Hope this helps.

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