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Anxiety is not an unusual or rare condition; in fact, every 3 out of 5 individuals suffer from this disorder. However, the problem lies in the inability to recognize the problem and accept it. Mental or psychological disorders are considered to be a taboo in some societies, while at other instances; some individuals are shy of seeking medical help. Therefore, the existence of online anxiety test made the problem much easier for people who did not want to interact with another person on this issue.

Several kinds of test are present online that will give you the right answer and the exact type of anxiety disorder you’re suffering from. Instead of generalizing anxiety, one should research enough to get to the root of the problem. But before moving on, it is important to understand the problem, its symptoms and what causes it in the first place.

And even before that, it is important to know that there is hope at every stage and under any circumstances for anxiety inflicted people. There are support groups and survivors and advisors available for you.

What is Anxiety?

Usually experienced by individuals within the age bracket of 15-35, anxiety disorders hold the ability to have an adverse long-term effect on a person’s life. A medical disorder, anxiety stems from the feeling of being anxious and fearful of certain events, ideas, people or situations. This disorder is further divided into multiple branches while the basic cause remains the same, for example, specific phobia, separation anxiety, social anxiety, panic disorder, selective mutism and many more. It usually takes more than six months to assert the existence of anxiety in an individual who often goes through a number of physical symptoms as well, such as palpitation, clammy hands, shakiness and vomiting.

Symptoms of Anxiety

In many cases, the patient is unaware of his condition and fails to realize that he is suffering from an anxiety disorder. This is usually due to the lack of awareness among people who tend to stress or worry a lot. The symptoms of anxiety include physical and non-physical conditions such as sweaty palms, palpitations, constant feeling of fear, feeling a lump in the throat, neck pains and headaches, diarrhoea, unable to breathe properly, facing a problem while sleeping, nausea and dry mouth etc.

Some individuals develop this disorder at a very young age but they do not understand how it can increase and grow into depression eventually. The symptoms of anxiety should not be overlooked and taken great care of, so that the problem does not grow any worse.

Causes of Anxiety

There are a number of factors that cause anxiety to develop over a period of time. This entire phenomenon is basically related to stress or trauma that an individual is unable to overcome. For example:

  • Stress experienced at workplace or school
  • Bullying
  • Trauma related to the death of a loved one
  • Constant pressure or fear
  • Fear of losing someone or something
  • Unable to express your feelings
  • Stress caused by a medical illness
  • Use of drugs such as cocaine
  • Result of withdrawal symptoms

How to get rid of Anxiety

Anxiety is not something that can be eliminated over night or a brief period. It takes a certain dedication and emotional investments, after which you’ll be able to figure out considerable results. However, the first step towards getting treated is by accepting the problem and the root cause. This can be done by carrying out anxiety tests that are available online in a large variety, not only this but by seeking professional help, you’ll go through a series of questions that will allow your consultant to analyze your condition better.

Apart from seeking medication that will provide you temporary relief, one should look out for natural ways. Such as seeking a friend’s help, sharing your problems, doing what gives you peace and trying to accept your circumstances.

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Anxiety Tests

A number of anxiety tests involve a series of questions that are designed in an order to evaluate the physical and psychological well-being of the individual. A person’s relationship with his peers, partner and family constitute a major part of his or her wellbeing. The anxiety tests help you identify the root cause of the problem that might not be prominent enough otherwise. You can dig deep into every question that is provided and think over the possible reasons and solutions related to it. A common cause is over-thinking. Often we tend to over think of situations and problems that don’t require that sort of stress, therefore these anxiety tests help us to find the pertinent solution.

Often questions include those related to your personality, what kind of nature you have, how many close friends do you enjoy, if you’re an introvert or an extrovert, your reaction to certain situations, your defence mechanisms, the physical change (if any) your body experiences etc. Eventually, an anxiety score is formed after your answers are gathered. This test, if taken in a certain pattern, will help you track the level of anxiety you experience.

A number of anxiety tests focus on either the physical aspects or the psychological one, but it is preferred if you look for the one that targets both. If you suffer from clammy hands or shakiness in the body, or you think about a situation repeatedly considering the worst possible scenario in every case, you should take the generalized anxiety test first. And then eventually, it will guide you to the exact point. Whether it’s only anxiety or a panic disorder, you will get to know after the test.

There are many quizzes that help you identify what kind of anxiety you have. Some people have compulsive disorders while others have a certain kind of phobia. No matter what, anxiety should not be taken lightly. Seeking professional help can always be the best way to deal with this problem. Psychological problems can grow harsh if they are not given proper attention at the right time.

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